My creation PANDEMIA an experimental film such as an art music video is running worldwide on international film music & dance festivals. Within 5 weeks Pandemia won from 12 Festivals, 6 awards in the categories Best Experimental Film, Best Music Video & Best Dance Choreography… 3 Finalists, 2 Semi-Finalist, 1 Selection. This is actually my first multidisciplinary project that I wrote, created, performed, directed and produced…. not easy if you have to do everything by your self… so I’m really proud, thankful and humbled for this recognition!! 20 Festivals are still running in different categories….

Pandemia is running at the experimental Strangelove Festival based in United Kingdom under the theme „ISOLATION CLIMATE DIVERSITY“ Press the link to watch and read more about PANDEMIA. You can participate in the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD  pressing the heart/like button. You can also leave a comment if you feel engaged with my work.

Strangelove Time Based Media Festival is a unique festival dedicated to promoting experimental, innovative art and film. The festival uniquely presenting together – experimental artists’ film & video, cinema films, sound, and performance art.


Pandemia articel by FilmDaily –  Why you need to watch the emotional short Pandemia

Filmmaker Spotlight – Kateirna Giannakopoulou –

Full Interview with Mattewtoffolo from the WildsoundFestival

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Director/Performer/Producer: Katerina Giannakopoulou

DOP: Lukas Herbrand/Julien Prause

Music Composition: Castora Herz

Sound Design: Marc Fragstein

Vocals: Angelo Reale

Photography: Daniel Dornhöfer




Dürener Str. 165
50931 Köln


Tel. 0221 / 940 32 32