PANDEMIA, my multiple award winning experimental music film (2020), is my first exclusively solo project which I directed, performed, danced in and produced. It is a poignant cautionary tale on the topic of COVID19 from the perspective of Mother Nature as the protagonist. Having no audience nor opportunity to put on any kind of show or performance opened up an empty space into which this project could be born. The news around the world about COVID19 sparked my vision and made me create this revenge story through the eyes of Mother Nature.

It is an experimental movie such as an art music video which shows the relationship between human kind and nature and how it has evolved through the artistic perspective of dance. The viral pandemic is the theme. I got my inspiration from the strange rhythm of the music and its sound aesthetic, also choosing dance moves from my own point of view representing aspects of the destruction of nature by humans relating to the pandemic. As the dancer and actor, I represent Mother Nature illustrated by different facial expressions and gestures, such as, being torn, weakness, the mechanization of natural movement as a form of violation by humans and then in return, nature throwing a virus back to us, for our destruction.


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Director/Dancer/Actress/Producer: Katerina Giannakopoulou

DOP: Lukas Herbrand/Julien Prause

Music Composition: Castora Herz

Sound Design: Marc Fragstein

Vocals: Angelo Reale

Poster Design: Daniel Dornhöfer